Near Richiș

Transilvanian Brunch

Discover an authentic cultural and gastronomic mosaic: old and forgotten recipes are prepared by the village cook with neighbors or families, using only local and seasonal food. The most beautiful place of the Hârtibaciu and Târnave area is elected and many people feast together outside. You are then invited to discover the local culture in a hike or a walk through the village.


Few know that the delicious vegetables of Moşna have their own festival. The feast of the cabbage in Moşna organized in recent years in the middle of October attracts more and more gluttons and lovers of this vegetable. A Fair of Traditional Food and a parade of carriages with traditional produce are also organized. Also, the cooks from this area compete in appetizing dishes, all having as main ingredient the cabbage grown on the lands of Moşna.

Electric Camping

“Let’s have a party!” You choose a nice camping spot at the foot of the mountains or in a village on the Hârtiaciu Valley for dining with local food, in the ambiance of the music mixed by a DK and celebrate all night. In the morning, those taking part in the event also enjoy the local produce for an unforgettable breakfast.

In Cluj


Founded in 2002 in Cluj-Napoca, it succeeded in becoming very fast the most important film event in Romania and one of the most spectacular annual cultural events of the country. It received the title of member of CENTEAS (Alliance of Central and Eastern European Film Festivals) and it is supported by the MEIDA Programme – Creative Europe, bringing annually more than 60,000 tourists in Cluj.


Two times finalist at the European Festival Awards, “Jazz in the Park” is set to arrive at the fifth edition at the end of June 2017. Several stages on which Romanian and foreign artists prepare live performances for you, either if you come for a walk or especially for this event. The Central Park will continue to be the heart of the festival, where the access to the events is free.


The biggest music festival in Romania takes place in August in Cluj-Napoca, reuniting more than 150 of the best artists in the world (Faithless, Scooter, Parov Stelar, James Arthur, but also the renowned DJ Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Afrojack and Hardwell). Only a few years old, Untold Festival was catalogued in 2015 as the best music festival in Europe, brining annually more than 200,000 tourists in Cluj.

In Sighișoara


The festival takes place in the last weekend of July, starting Friday at noon (the official opening) and ending Sunday night with a huge firework display that must not be missed – and a costume parade. One of the oldest medieval festivals of the country has brought and continues to bring hundreds of thousands of tourists to Sighişoara.


Organized in the first weekend of September – an event addressed to the fans of promenade music is at its 8 th edition. The participants are fanfares from Romania but also from the cities with which Sighişoara is affiliated or has partnerships. In the course of the two days of the festival, fanfares hold mini-recitals in various neighborhoods of the town.

Sighișoara Blues Festival

Sighişoara Blues Festival is now notorious and appreciated in Romania and international artistic circles, a major event that all blues fans enjoy. The blues an history reunited bring to the stage of the festival top blues bands from the entire world for more than a decade. Held at the end of March, the festival transforms Sighişoara into the capital of Blues for one weekend.

In Sibiu


The International Theatre Festival of Sibiu is an event promoting excellence in performance art. The lineup selection for the festival is made at the recommendation of the artistic committee, and the participation at the festival is made only on the basis of an official invitation.


This is the oldest festival of this kind of the country and one of the oldest jazz festivals of the world, which is why Sibiu was declared, ever since the 1980s, “the Capital of Jazz” in Romania. Internationally, these kinds of festivals that can take pride in a history of more than four decades are rare, when the very existence of this music is a century old.


It started over a decade ago, modelled on the famous German-Austrian Christmas fairs. For more than a month, locals and tourists can find at more than 70 exhibitors from all over the country and from abroad hand-picked products, and children take part in the thematic workshops taking place in Santa Clause’s workshop, in the very heart of one of the most beautiful cities of Transylvania.

We Also Strongly Recommend

Birdwatching in Transylvania

The Târnave area is an ideal place for those who enjoy “birdwatching”, being able to discover birds typical of forest habitats or rare species of birds specific to the area (Crex, Aqvila Pomarina, Lanius minor, Lanius Colluriosau Oriolus Oriolus) in an impressive natural décor, specific for Daneş area.

Visiting sheepfolds and shepherds

The bulz, the goat cheese, the fresh jintiţa (a mixture of green cheese and whey) or the lamb pastrami are only a few of the gourmet foods that you can find in Transylvania. It is said that in the old days, in this picturesque area of Transylvania, lived the most wealthy people of Romania: the shepherds, proud and hard-working people that made their way on the paths of Cindrel mountains, next to hundreds of sheep, to prepare these culinary delicacies.

Discover the flower garden of Europe

The diversity of the Transylvanian flora is so vast that Transylvania is at the center of European diversity. Here we discover marvelous meadows filled with flowers, next to birds and animals which have disappeared in other parts of Europe, but here live harmoniously on farmlands. Among the special plants of this area we mention the heart’s ease, the edelweiss but also the steppe peony, protected by law.

Skiing in Poiana Braşov

Poiana Braşov is situated close to the city of Braşov in Postăvaru Mountains and it is the most loved ski resort in Romania. It has many slopes that satisfy everyone’s demands, from beginners to more advanced, in a fascinating mountain décor.

Mountain tour in Apuseni

Apuseni Mountains are one of the most interesting travel destinations in Romania. The Karstic relief (around 400 caves), as well as the specific flora and fauna are all the more reasons why the area was declared a natural reservation. The inhabitants of this area, the moţi are renowned for the household wooden objects that they continue to manufacture for generations, Apuseni being one of the most conservative areas of Transylvania with ancestral traditions.

Dracula's path

The first thematic route dedicated to Count Dracula, based on the descriptions taken from Bran Stoker’s novel, a best-seller a century ago, that was at the heart of the legend of Dracula, begins in the heart of Bistriţa where Jonathan Harker, the main character in Bram Stoker’s novel, stops and crosses the most beautiful areas of Bistriţa, reaching in the end Tihuţa Pass or Borgo Pass, the land of Count Dracula. It is the first thematic route of the country dedicated to Count Dracula that can be taken for well over two weeks.

Bike tour on the Transylvanian hills

The villages of Viscri, Buneşti and Meşendorf and Criţ are the first to reunite in a series of routes that currently cover more than 40 km. At the launch, the route will have signs at every crossing. But until then we will use the gps to navigate.